The Journey of a Writer

The dream of every writer is not to be published, but…who am I kidding, every writer dreams of being published. However, most writers will tell you that beyond publishing, their dream is to touch the lives of their readers. To reach down into their heart, their soul, and speak to them on a personal level. If a writer can speak to one person and touch that person in some way, all the hours and insanity of writing are worth it.

A writer’s journey is insane and similar to the out of control feeling of riding the Teacups at a carnival.  It is like trying to step into a teacup or jump from cup to cup while the ride is flinging you from one side to the other.

Writers balance work, writing, deadlines, websites, and multiple projects all at the same time. Not to mention submitting stories and waiting to hear from a publisher. Including rejection after rejection. If anyone says writing is easy, they have lost their minds. Well honestly, so have writers.

But, to touch one heart, to bring one smile, or to cause one tear, brings passion bubbling to the surface and gives a writer the power and strength to continue on their crazy journey.

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