Interview and Giveaway with Shannon Redmon

I’d like to introduce everyone to my friend and fellow Suspsense Squad writer, Shannon Redmon. I met Shannon a couple of years ago, and as they say, the rest is history!

Please welcome debut author Shannon Redmon!

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How does it feel to be a debut author? There are many emotions I’m feeling with my debut release of Cave of Secrets. I’m humbled and thankful to God for this opportunity. I’m excited that this dream is real and I’m a little nervous about the launch. 

What did you do when you got “the call”? I was in my car when I talked to my amazing agent, Tamela Hancock Murray. She told me that Love Inspired Suspense wanted to offer me a contract for Cave of Secrets. I think I slapped my son’s shoulder with excitement and screamed Yes! Then I ran inside told my husband and my mom!

Where did you get your idea for your book? A couple of friends of mine and I were sitting around nursing my wounds from another rejected book and we started talking about new story ideas. They suggested writing a story about finding a girl in a cave and the idea grew from there.

How long does it take you to write a Love Inspired Suspense novel? If I dedicated daily time to it, meaning at least writing 1000 words a day, then I can usually finish one in 2-3 months.

Tell us a bit about Cave of Secrets? Carli Moore finds the body of Zain Wescott’s missing sister in a cave on her family ranch. Zain believes her brother is the murderer, but Carli is determined to prove Zain wrong and defend her brother. But when the killer turns his target on them because they know too much, they have to work together, despite their past breakup, to live long enough to bring this killer to justice. 

What is your typical day like? I work full-time, based out of my home, for Siemen’s Healthineers. When I’m not working, I’m writing, marketing or talking with my writer friends or family members. 

When did you start writing?  I’ve been writing since middle school – started with poetry, songs and breakup notes for my friends. Then I began to read more adult novels as I grew older and would write parts of stories. I always did well in English and liked the creative writing assignments. After complaining to my husband one day about wanting to be a writer, he said then you need to finish a book. I met that challenge in 2016, went to my first writer’s conference, got my mind blown and met my agent. I wrote two more books after that which were all rejected. Then came Cave of Secrets and God blessed.

What is the hardest part about being an author? Organizing the time around full-time work, family and church responsibilities. It takes a lot of discipline to sit down, brainstorm, then write and edit, edit, edit. 

Who is your favorite author? I love so many and don’t think I can pick a favorite, but there is one author who opened my eyes to stories and that was Victoria Holt.

Now for the important questions:

Pepsi or Coke? Coke

Candy, cookies, or cake?  I’m a southern girl, so it must be pie or cobbler

Coffee or Tea? Both – I drink coffee in the morning and tea the rest of the day. Can’t do without either.

Favorite vacation? Trip out west to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, however I hope that one day that is replaced with a trip to Italy. 

Favorite TV show?  Castle, before I found out the two lead characters didn’t like each other.

Favorite Movie? Pride and Prejudice – the Kiera Knightley version

Any hobbies? Pets? Activities? I like to kayak, go to the lake and I have a cute little white foo-foo dog named Sophie.

Thank you, Shannon for joining me!

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