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Where did you get the idea for Undercover Memories?  I got this idea by putting two “hooks” together to see where they’d take me: A Vice Squad detective who is also a cowboy and a female private investigator who has amnesia. I wanted him to be gritty but still, a hero and I needed her to be strong but still vulnerable.

How long does it take you to write a Love Inspired Suspense novel? It takes me about four months from the first page to edits and final manuscript.

Who’s your all-time favorite character? That’s a tough question. I actually like my Vice Squad Cowboy in this book—Ryder Palladin. But one of my very favorites is Eli Trudeau in Heart of the Night, which I wrote several years ago. I also love Jeremiah Weaver in Their Amish Reunion.

I hear you have a new release in February. Do tell! (Shameless plug time!) I do have a new release. It’s the second book in my Amish Seasons book, titled Her Amish Child. It’s kind of a Ruth and Naomi story about two widows but it begins when they discover a baby on their porch. The hero shows up next door and things take off from there.

Tell us a little bit about your typical day. My typical day starts with breakfast and watching the morning news, then checking e-mails, maybe going for a walk on the beach since I live near the Gulf of Mexico. Then I get to work on edits and starting the next chapter. I usually work from eleven a.m. to around six p.m. Then I rest my ornery back and catch up on television shows or read. I do a lot of social media after dinner, too.

When did you start writing? In grammar school. I sold short stories on the playground. I kept at it all through high school and my one year of college. Finally sold my first book in March 1993.

Tell us about your first book contract? I was in bed with the flu so when I got the call, I thought I was hallucinating! But it was real. Sold that first book to Avalon and wrote two more for them. I’ve been writing consistently since—mostly with Love Inspired Books.

What is the hardest part about being an author? The hardest part is trying to get the story in my head down on paper. I want to write a good, well-developed, well-researched book and sometimes I don’t think I hit the mark. But I try very hard to make it work. I hate disappointing readers.

Who is your favorite author? I love Mary Kay Andrews because she writes the best true-to-life Southern books. I have several favorites—Marta Perry comes to mind, too—but it’s hard to list all of them!

What is your favorite book? Well, since I was born and raised in Georgia—Gone With the Wind. It has its critics, I know but that book had everything—a vast backdrop, a political struggle, the history of our country and a love story that was messy but worth fighting for.

Anything you want to brag about? Hmm. They say it ain’t braggin’ if it’s the truth. The truth is that I’ve written close to ninety books, short stories, and novellas and made The NY Times, PW and USA Today bestsellers lists but it took many years and many people to get me where I’m at today. I guess I can brag about being a survivor in a brutal business. I’m proud of that, at least!

Now for the important questions:

Pepsi or Coke?   I don’t drink soft drinks but I used to love a good cold Coke.

Candy, cookies, or cake?    All three!!!

Favorite food? Cheesecake

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Favorite vacation?   The beach

Favorite TV show?  NCIS

Favorite Movie?.  Steel Magnolias

Any hobbies? Pets? Activities? No pets now. I like to walk on the beach, read, shop, bake when I have time, lunch with friends and travel with my husband.

Thank you, Lenora, for stopping by!

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