Christmas Traditions Author Style

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Christmas Traditions Author Style

It’s that time of year when family traditions tend to rule. Some get modified over the years, but the foundational tradition remains the same. Some of our favorite authors have chimed in on their most loved traditions.

Sami: My favorite Christmas tradition is the surprise of presents from Santa—Okay, maybe not Santa, surrounded by presents. The tradition continued into our teen years and adulthood. Even as adults, right before bedtime, we would help gather the presents from the secret/not so secret hiding place on Christmas Eve. The wow factor remains on Christmas morning when we get up and turn the tree lights on. That quiet moment of awe before the chaos of family begins.

Lenora Worth: I always make gumbo on Christmas Eve. If we attend Christmas Eve services, we drive around to enjoy Christmas lights and then go home and have gumbo and cornbread!!

Virginia Vaughan: A few years ago, I started doing my own book tree out of all my books at Christmas. It’s become a favorite tradition in our house.

Mary Alford: My favorite Christmas tradition is attending the Christmas Eve service at my church. The service is usually very simple, but a wonderful reminder of why we celebrate this time of the year. We sing Christmas carols, and the pastor reads the Christmas story. We have one lady who sings Oh Holy Night acapella every year, and it gives me goosebumps. Then, the lights are lowered, and every person’s candle is lit. A sign that each of us must keep God’s light shining to a world in need.

Lynn Blackburn: Our family attends the Christmas Eve service at our church, then we grab a quick bite to eat at one of the few restaurants still open, and then we drive around and look at Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music. It’s one of my favorite nights all year.  And then, of course, there’s turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy (my Mom’s is the BEST), fruit salad, mac and cheese, and rolls…my perfect Christmas dinner plate!

Robin Patchen: Aside from the typical things—decorating the Christmas tree, opening the presents, the Christmas Eve service—I think my favorite tradition is when our family drives around to look at Christmas lights. The season is so busy, and now that my kids are getting older, it’s hard to get everybody together. But one night every season, we drive around to look at lights, then go to dinner together. It’s such a simple tradition, but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

Dana Mentink: Here at Mentink Manor my favorite tradition is our whole Christmas Eve celebration. When our girls were toddlers, we started making pizza dough and allowing them each to create their own “personalized” pizza. They prepare them in the late afternoon, slapping on the toppings with enthusiasm, and then we go to church. After service, Papa Bear bakes up the pizza, and we all sit around the table and chat while eating our personalized pizzas. Then we cuddle up and watch a movie and maybe open one special present like fun pajamas or slipper socks. This will be the first year one of our bear cubs is living away at college, but hopefully, she will be home to enjoy our Christmas Eve family time!

Thanks, ladies!!

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Merry Christmas!!