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Mary's Interview


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What triggered the idea for your new novel Grave Peril?  Grave Peril is actually the final book in the Scorpion Team series, which started out with Rocky Mountain Pursuit. Each book features a member of the Scorpion Team. Grave Peril brings together two former sweethearts. Gavin Dalton, a member of the Scorpion Team, who returns to his Darlan, Kentucky home to bury the woman who raised him. His grandmother. Jamie Hendricks is there in hopes that her Uncle Paxton has finally come up with the evidence needed to prove her father didn’t kill Gavin’s. But the outcome proves to be nothing like what Jamie expected.

How long does it take you to write a Love Inspired Suspense novel?  I can rough draft a Love Inspired Suspense in about a month. Then, the editing begins. That’s when I read through the story and make sure all the loose ends are tied up and the characters have their happy ending.

Who’s your favorite character?  In Grave Peril, I’d say Jamie is my favorite. She adored her father and never stopped believing his innocence, even when he died in prison.

Tell us a little bit about your family.  My husband and I have been together for 35 years. We have two sons and three granddaughters. The granddaughters are the apple of my eye. I love spending time with them. Each one is so unique with their own sweet personalities. They are a joy to watch.

When did you start writing?  Like most authors, I started out as an avid reader. I read everything I could get my hands on at a young age, naturally gravitating toward Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Then, when I was about twelve, I discovered Phyllis Whitney and Victoria Holt at the local library and I was hooked on the suspense genre. I wrote my first book then, (it was terrible), but didn’t really concentrate on writing seriously until much later.

When did you receive your first book contract?  I entered a contest through Love Inspired Suspense in 2012 entitled Speed Writing. I was chosen to pitch, then Emily Rodmell requested a partial, then a full, and in December of 2012, I received my first contract with Love Inspired Suspense. Forgotten Past was published in 2014.

What is the hardest part about being an author?  I’d say the hardest part of being an author is staying focused nowadays. It’s so easy to get distracted with social media, which is an important part of being an author as well. You have to know how to balance your time properly.

Who is your favorite author?  Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney will always be favorites. I love Lynette Eason, Terri Blackstock, Dani Pettrey. Nancy Mehl. Rachel Dylan. I’ve started reading more Amish stories lately, and I love Beverly Lewis and Amy Clipston.

What is your favorite book?  Hum, that’s hard to say. Whatever book I’m reading at the moment, I guess. There are so many good ones out there. I couldn’t pick just one.

Anything you want to brag about?  Only that I truly loved writing the Scorpion Team series and I’m very proud of each book in the series. Rocky Mountain Pursuit, Deadly Memories, Framed For Murder, Standoff at Midnight Mountain, and Grave Peril. I hope my readers have enjoyed the series as well and stay tuned for what’s coming next…

Now for the important questions:

Pepsi or Coke? Coke. I’m a long time coke fan. Grew up drinking it.

Candy, cookies, or cake? All. I have a huge sweet tooth.

Favorite food? Hum, anything Mexican. Enchiladas, Tacos, Burritos. Nachos. I love them all.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee. Have to have my coffee in the morning.

Favorite vacation? I love the mountains and hope to one day live there. My favorite vacation spot is Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It’s so beautiful there.

Favorite TV show? Hum, I love Mountain Man, and Longmire, mostly because of the breathtaking mountain views in each of them. Plus, I can relate to Walt Longmire. Sometimes, I feel like a dying breed myself.

Favorite Movie? I’m not a big movie watcher, but I do love Steel Magnolias. I cry every time I see that movie. It never gets old.

Tell us about any pets or hobbies: I have three cats, Izzy, Cristal, and Chub Chub, (named by the granddaughters) that are each uniquely entertaining. Our fourteen-year-old dog Callie passed away last February and I still miss her terribly. I play the piano and I love doing crafts, (although I’m not very good at them). My favorite crafts are the ones I get to share with my granddaughters.

Thank you so much for letting me stop by today, Sami.

You can find me at my website:, or on Facebook at: Stop by anytime to say hello.

Thanks, Mary for the fun interview!

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