I Can Only Imagine

Growing up in a family that honored our country, Memorial Day is more than just any three-day weekend. With a father who served in the Korean War, cousins and a brother-in-law who served in the Air Force, Marines, and Army, and a brother in the Navy, not to mention friends in the varies branches of service, my heart is full of pride for each one and full of respect for our country.

But, on this weekend, we remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. I’m honored and saddened to say my brother is one of those individuals who was laid to rest at Arlington Cemetery last year. As a Chaplain and man of God, I can only imagine how he is rejoicing in Heaven.

As we remember, not only or service men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, but all of our loved ones who are no longer with us, let us smile and imagine what it will be like when we join them in Heaven.

MercyMe says it best in “I Can Only Imagine”.




Interview with Dana Mentink and Giveaway

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What triggered the idea for the Gold Country Cowboy series?

DANA: I just love Gold Country. So much history, mystery, drama, and beauty all rolled into one region. I’ve visited many times and each adventure made me think… “I’ve GOT to set a series here!”

How long did it take you to write Treacherous Trails?

DANA: Four months, more or less.

Who’s your favorite character in this series?

DANA: Jack, probably. He’s a twin, shy, a man of few words and big actions. He’s the quintessential cowboy who will stay loyal to a woman even if it hurts.

Tell us a little bit about your “Day Job”.

DANA: I teach third grade, part-time. I hang out with 26 eight-year-olds and let me tell you, that job is never the same day twice!

When did you start writing?

DANA: I started when my daughter was born (twenty years ago). I became a stay at home mom and that was the beginning.

What is the hardest part about being an author?

DANA: Well, deadlines make life a bit stressful. Also, you have to learn how to avoid comparisons. There will always be another author who wins more awards, hits more lists, get that amazing writing contract. It’s really important to ‘stay in your lane’ so to speak or you could drive yourself crazy.

Even though we are promoting Gold Country Cowboy series, which of your series is your favorite and why?

DANA: I really loved writing the Love Unleashed series for Harvest House. It’s a dog themed, humorous series and adored all my “canine” characters. Tippy, Sweetness and Jellybean became completely real to me.

Now for the important questions:

Pepsi or Coke?   Pepsi.

Candy, cookies, or cake?    I do not discriminate. I will have them all, please.

Favorite food?    Cornbread. Oh, how I wish it had no calories! I could eat a whole pan all by myself.

Coffee or Tea?    Coffee, for sure. I want to like tea, but it just doesn’t taste enough like coffee!

Favorite vacation?    Alaska, except for the mosquitos.

Favorite TV show?    Chopped

Favorite Movie?    Galaxy Quest or Elf.

AND Finally, tell us about your furry little sidekick.

DANA: Oh dear. You don’t have enough time for me to fully explain Junie the terrier-doxie mix. Suffice it to say, she’s eleven pounds of naughty in a fur coat. She eats my Post-it notes, my pencils and terrorizes our aged box turtle. Naughty, through and through, but I adore that critter! Thanks for asking.

Dana, thank you so much for joining me this month! I’m looking forward to book 3 in the Gold Country Cowboys series.

Watch for COWBOY BODYGUARD on July 1, 2018. You don’t want to miss it!